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2019 Big Data Expo promoted across China

Promotions for the 2019 Big Data Expo have been successful in many places across China recently, including Hangzhou, Beijing and Shenzhen.

Hosted by the expo's organizing committee and the Internet Society of China, the expo is aimed at displaying global state-of-the-art technologies and demonstrating big data's influence, innovative capabilities and contributions.

The recent promotions have attracted the attention of hundreds of industrial enterprises, experts and investors.

Gu Fu, deputy head of the achievement release team of the big data expo, said in a speech at a promotional event at Beihang University that this year, the global event will focus on digital values and an innovation-driven outlook.

Six tech enterprises demonstrated their featured products, which included products related to big data, artificial intelligence and robots. The products were praised by participating experts.

The promotional event in Futian International E-commerce Industrial Park on Jan 18 consisted of presentations from seven internet enterprises, some of whom attended the 2018 expo and plan to display their products at the 2019 expo as well.