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Kenna's Tianjin Plant to Become the World's Largest Producti

Recently at the 23,000 m2 plant of Kenna Metal (China) Co., Ltd which is situated in the west district of Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA), Cui Deli, general manager of the company proudly told the reporter that, within only one year from the start of construction in July 2006 to first delivery of products in July 2007, their staffs have become experts from lay workers, and both product quality and speed of achieving full capacity witnessed a rapid progress.

    The USA-based Kenna Metal-the world leading enterprise engaging in hard-metal cutting tool, has invested in the TEDA based on its "balance strategy", i.e. it holds 1/3 market share respectively in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. "The demand for metal cutting tools in China and Asia Pacific region has grown rapidly, and Chinese business development speed climbed by more than 30%. As such, the plant was established in the west district of the TEDA, and through one year of operation, it proves that the success of Kenna's strategy was made in terms of growth speed, product quality, and customer service level." Cui said, "Kenna's global sales reached US$2.3 billion last year. However, to our pride, the Tianjin plant has been in position to manufacturing Kenna's world leading products, such as blades, drill, and cutting tools, with quality reaching the same level in the USA and the European factories." Cui Deli pointed to the new products displayed in the exhibition cabinet, with proud expression on his face.

    With successive entry of Airbus, Toyota, John Deere, Caterpillar and other enterprises into the TEDA, for Kenna, it is a pleasing thing to have these large customers in this development area. Cui Deli said that Kenna will increase its staff number from current 200 to 300 next year, and raise the blade production capacity from current 10,000 pieces/day to 20,000-30,000 pieces/day. The company will expand its capacity within the next two or three years and will make an investment of totally US$ 70 million to turn the new factory in TEDA into the Kenna's largest processing center overseas and the world's largest manufacturing base.