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Enterprises of the World’s Top 500 Made Investment in Tianji

127 enterprises out of the world’s top 500 have made investment in Tianjin, the total contractual amount of investment accounting for US$5.347 billion, including 28 of the top 100, achieving a contracted investment volume of US$2 billion and 22 of the top 50. 33 enterprises of the USA are listed among the top 100 and 11 of them have made investment in Tianjin. The excellent environment in Tianjin has brought about considerable profits for the investors and most of them have obtained remarkable achievements. At present, 70% of the 127 enterprises of the world’s top 500 already made investment are profitable, further increasing their confidence in business operation in Tianjin. More and more foreign investors are shifting the focus of their business development to Tianjin, followed by continuous additional investments and expansions of the scope of their business operation.